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Some Affiliated Organizations:

Some Affiliated Canadian Dojos

Some Training Resources:

  • How to get the most out of your training – A practical guide from Gabriola Island Kyokushin
  • Stay at Home and Train With Us – A video series by Edmonton Kyokushin
  • NEWKyokushin Online – exciting and never-before-seen KYOKUSHIN content, including sensational matches, documentary-style features with renowned masters and top competitors’ training methods, rare archival footage, and present-day championship events, workshops, camps and training seminars from across Japan and around the world. Also includes updated Kata videos.
  • The Martial Way – Fabulous website with all sorts of great information. Not everything on there is in line with our organization’s way of doing things but overall very informative.
  • www.smartdojo.net/karate/kyokushin – While not exactly aligned with our IKOK-C syllabus and with some other technical differences, this resource is a good learning tool but check with your instructors about any differences.
  • Kyokushin Karate Complete Video Series I, II, III – This video series was made some years back but is mostly still relevant. Remember that the heavier aspects of sparring when you get to them are only undertaken by those who are ready and willing. The introduction includes scenes of Sosai Oyama battling bulls in the  late 1950’s/early 1960’s I believe. It was a sign of the times that this was acceptable back then and would not be now, however the skill of the art was impressive. The whole series is almost four hours long so you may not want to watch in one sitting. The translator is one of our old instructors and we have trained with some of the folks in the videos. Enjoy!
  • YouTube Kyokushin Karate training videos – There are a number of clips that are not relevant, but there are a large number of IKO videos available.
  • AppKanku is a great little resource detailing all basic aspects of the syllabus and is available on Apple or Android devices.
  • Some practical applications of kata known as “bunkai”.